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About Us

Dungeon Runners Inc. is a Billings Montana local tabletop role playing game club. Started in 2020 the club has grown in numbers and are still looking to expand. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or someone who wants to learn to play a game there’s a spot for you here. The more members that join the more opportunities all will gain to play in different groups, games, and share ideas.


Membership is free and open to those 13 years of age and older (please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy). Joining is simple; Join our discord channel and say hello! It’s that simple.

Games we play

DRI is not opposed to any game as all are welcome if a GM or DM available. Our number one game at the time of this writing is Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition.


The forums link will take you to our forums. Most of the posts are unlocked and can be viewed by the public. However, GMs and those who wish to post must sign up for an account.

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar listed below will be updated with club happenings and get togethers. Please check it often to keep in the loop. Our events are also posted in Discord under the #events tag.

Events Calendar