Foundry VTT

What is a Foundry?

Foundry VTT is a free, modern, easy to use, self-hosted virtual tabletop platform. It provides a place for a group of players to meet online and play our favorite tabletop games.

Dungeon Runners Inc. has chosen Foundry as part of our app lineup for TTRPGs. Paired with other apps such as Microsoft Teams and D&D Beyond; We believe we have created the ultimate Virtual Tabletop Environment.

Below you will find how to videos from various YouTube Foundry Users and DMs. Depending on which role you are in your game will dictate which tutorials might benefit you the most.

Player Tutorials

Below are YouTube links to player tutorials. Some modules used in these tutorials are not loaded into our foundry. However, if you would like to have a special module loaded into foundry please post in the Member Forums. You can play with Foundry's Demo for free.

Gamemaster Tutorials

These are the Gamemaster Tutorials. There's quite a bit of information here but, if you need an instance of our Foundry setup for you to test please let the admin know in the forums.

Our Foundry

Click the button below to launch our foundry!

Your DM should have set you up with an account prior to logggin in.